Sweaty Palms

If you suffer from sweaty palms then you most likely have a medical condition called Palmar Hyperhidrosis. This condition is most commonly characterized as people who suffer from excessive sweating, otherwise known as sweaty palms. You may not realize, but having sweaty palms is actually considered a medical condition, and people like yourself that are looking for a cure for sweaty palms have difficulty in performing daily tasks, whether it be for business, socializing, meeting new people, job interviews etc. The good news is that this condition can be treated, and depending on the severity of your situation, various different options are available to you.

Since you have arrived at this page on our website, the chances are that you suffer from sweaty palms, and you are well aware of the issues you face each and every day. Sweaty palms can affect your driving, playing a musical instrument, shaking hands with people, typing on your computer’s keyboard, or even the simpler tasks such as opening a door! It is estimated that approximately 50% of people like you suffering from sweaty palms do so as a matter of genetics, and the other 50% of us that suffer from this, is usually accredited to their fear of social circumstances and panic attacks. Do not worry which category you fall in to, there are solutions that can help you, so you can finally put the embarrassment and frustration behind you once and for all!

Different Sweaty Palm Cases

Each of us that suffer from sweaty palms does so at varying degrees, and the International Hyperhidrosis Society divides the severity of Palmar Hyperhidrosis in to different groups as follows:

  • Mild hand sweating that does not cause any functional or social problems
  • Excessive sweaty hands that interferes with people in all aspects of their lives because sweat just literally drips off of their hands on a daily basis

Sweaty Palms

If your excessive hand sweating is not caused by a medical condition or is not a result of a side effect of any drugs you may be taking, then you are suffering from what is known as primary hyperhidrosis. You may have also heard that this condition has been described as focal hyperhidrosis. This means that excessive sweating occurs on specific or ‘focal’ parts of your body with the most affected areas being the hands, underarms, feet and face.

People that suffer from severe cases of sweaty palms do not usually get relief from certain treatments and medicines such as oral medications like drionic, drysol, botox, or maxim. Quite a few sweaty palm sufferers do however, get relief from Iontophoresis treatment which has about an 80%+ success rate if administered correctly. Other advancements have been made over the past 20 years and many minor surgeries have been performed to cure sweaty palms.

Surgery is performed through small incisions using endoscopic surgery, and nowadays it is a lot less invasive than it was 10 years ago. Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis with a 98%-99% success rate, allowing people that suffer from sweaty palms to return home the same day with minimal scarring. ETS surgery is commonly known to be a safe procedure, with many surgeons claiming that short-term dissatisfaction rates for their patients are typically less than 5 percent. It should be noted that there are some risks and side effects as a result of ETS surgery, and these are explained in more detail on this website.

Research has shown that the first signs of primary hyperhidrosis are often detected in childhood or early adolescence. Plenty of sufferers tend to sweat less excessively when at rest or asleep though that is not always the case. There is also a theory that the sweat problem is hereditary though there has been no conclusive research on this.

In conclusion, there is a cure for sweaty palms, and Iontophoresis Treatment is definitely quite a common and widely known treatment that is usually administered by your physician, or health care professional, but you can also treat yourself and purchase an iontophoresis device that you can use in the comfort of your own home. If you find that your conditions are such that iontophoresis is not going to work for you, then it may very well be worth exploring the options of ETS surgery.

Take some time, and have a good look around this website so you can explore the various options that are available to you, whether you have sweaty palms, feet, underarms, face, or any other area.

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