Are Sweaty Armpits Ruining Your Clothes?

If you are one of the approximately 10 million people in the United States that suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), or the nearly 175 million people worldwide, then the chances are that your sweaty armpits are ruining your clothes, not to mention the embarrassment, anxiety, and emotional stress this causes.

Are you finding yourself changing shirts several times a day? Maybe you are just grinning and bearing it and keeping the same shirt on all day that is wet within the first hour of wearing it! As you well know, this is extremely uncomfortable, and terribly embarrassing when noticed by friends, co-workers, and people you don’t even know!.

Imagine you are in the middle of a meeting and you get up to present some facts and figures, or a presentation on the direction the company is going in. Just raising your arm and having to write and/or point to a whiteboard or a powerpoint presentation is totally embarrassing when your wet patches are on display for all to see. I have a fear of speaking in front of a lot of people, not because I am not confident in doing so, but I am totally paranoid about people seeing my sweaty armpits! More often that not I just wear a blazer or suit jacket, but that is simply not the best option and can make you even hotter.

Sweaty Armpits Ruin ClothesIt’s a fact; we all like to wear nice clothes that make us look and feel good. When you find that special outfit that can give you a really good confidence boost, you don’t want to be constantly worrying that excessive armpit sweat will look unsightly and at the same time, ruin that nice outfit within a few months from permanent sweat stains that become very hard to remove. Most of us are feeling the pinch these days and our clothes budget has probably been trimmed a lot due to the state of the economy, so replacing outfits and shirts every few months is something we could do without!

Excessive armpit sweat can ruin your clothes very quickly, and it drastically reduces your choices when shopping at the mall or on the internet. Most people either go with all white outfits and shirts, or dark blue and black, so the wetness of their sweaty armpits is masked and not so noticeable. This is no fun for anyone! You have worked hard for your money so you should have the freedom of choice when you go shopping and buy the style and colors that suit you, not your sweaty armpit problem!

It is estimated that out of the approximately 175 million hyperhidrosis sufferers worldwide, only a small percentage of patients ever consult a healthcare provider, or try and do anything more than buy the best off-the-shelf antiperspirant that money can buy. This is not acceptable, and you can get treatment and/or use products that will help you combat sweaty armpits and take back control of your life and the clothes you wear!

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