Is Excessive Underarm Sweating wrecking your shirts?

If you are anything like me, the chances are you have wasted a lot of money over the years due to excessive underarm sweating. It is virtually an impossible task stopping your clothes from being destroyed. Hang on, let me re-phrase that; it is not possible, or really, it is not practical if you suffer from sweaty armpits to avoid your clothes getting wet and stained at the same time, and I have tried, in vain I might add!

The most pathetic attempt was when I taped some tissues over my armpits as I was getting ready in the morning to go to work. After about an hour the tissues were totally soaked, and the tape was coming off, and just not sticking to me anymore. Asides from the disaster of it not staying in place, it was downright uncomfortable, and I found myself trying to keep my arms down to hold the tissues in place.

A Classic Case of Excessive Underarm sweatingAnyway, after those failed attempts I went back to the usual undershirts that I had been wearing for years. If you are interested in checking out some inexpensive undershirts feel free to click on the link and you can search for various different options. I usually go with a v-neck over a round neck since they can be used whether your shirt is buttoned up with a tie, or if you do not wear a tie, you do not see the round neck beneath your shirt. Whatever your personal preference is entirely up to you, but the undershirts I have given you a link to are less expensive than the designer ones.

Now as I type this, I realize that I am probably appealing mainly to the male audience when I discuss undershirts, so in future posts I am going to talk about some of the options that women have when it comes to wearing something to combat their excessive underarm sweating, or at least keep it at bay for a while.

I would estimate that my undershirts last me around 2 months at the most before they are totally stained in sweat, and my wife has given up washing them because she is so grossed out at the sight of the yellow stains under the arms. Now those of you that can totally relate to this, which I expect most of you can, having yellow underarm sweat stains is one thing, but after 2-3 months, the shirts start to feel hard and crusty under the arms, and then you end up putting them on and feel that nasty crispy feeling under your arms, at this stage it is definitely time to throw your shirts out!

Now if undershirts were the only thing we had to worry about replacing it might be a feasible option, both financially and practically, but unfortunately excessive underarm sweating will do more than just drench an undershirt, and if you are like me, after 1-2 hours (sometimes less), your dress shirt, or whatever shirt or sweater you are wearing starts to get wet underarms too, and that becomes a whole different ball game.

I have mentioned in a few different sections of this website about the frustration and expense we all incur as a result of sweaty armpits, and I really want to highlight it in this post because asides from the embarrassment that comes with sweat/wet stained clothes, it’s also the fact that these very clothes need replacing periodically, and that just becomes an expense we could all do without. My idea of shopping is to go out and buy a new shirt (for example) because of its design and color, and because it will compliment other clothes I already own. I don’t want to, and I am sure you don’t either, to have to keep shopping for the purpose of just replacing items of clothing that have been ruined by sweat. I have used the dress shirt and undershirt as just an example here because I wear them to work every day, and they take a beating, but for me it doesn’t stop there, and plenty of polo shirts, and other shirts have been ruined for the same reasons.

My main purpose of this post is to encourage you to put an end to your excessive underarm sweating problem, and put a stop to buying replacement clothes that you would have otherwise not needed to purchase if they hadn’t been ruined by sweat. Also, and I have mentioned this before, the limited choices in colors of clothes that we have to deal with is just not acceptable. I like wearing light shirts, and I was fed up with settling for white or black as a way to cover up sweat stains, and having your wardrobe restricted like this is simply no fun at all.

There are so many different treatments available, but you have to take action and start somewhere. Some of you may not have graduated from over the counter extra-strength antiperspirants, while others may have sought other options such as botox, or iontophoresis. The important thing to remember is that each of us is different, and suffering in similar, but sometimes different ways. Likewise, each of us responds differently to certain products and/or procedures, so not only weighing up all your options is a good idea, but trying out certain products and/or procedures is a good idea to see if you can get yourself in a situation where your specific excessive sweating issue is under control, and no longer causing you expense, anxiety, and embarrassment.

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Melanie Kasparian February 2, 2013 at 8:21 pm

Hey David, I cant tell you how many shirts my husband has ruined through underarm sweating. I do try and keep washing them, but after a few months it seems to be a worthless effort, and they get all hard and crispy. I know its gross!! Any chance you might be able to write a post on how you clean shirts that have armpit sweat stains, or any tips you might have? Thanks much 🙂


David February 4, 2013 at 9:25 am

@Melanie, thanks for providing your first hand experience of excessive sweating ruining your husband’s shirts, I know exactly what you are talking about! I have actually been thinking about putting a post together that addresses some tips and hints on how you can more effectively wash sweat stained shirts. Hopefully very soon I will have a post for this, and be sure to subscribe to the blog so you get the latest updates. Thanks!


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