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This website was created to help the millions of people that suffer from excessive sweating, otherwise known as a condition called Hyperhidrosis. I know because I am one of those many people that suffer from this condition and felt for so many years (over 17!) that I was helpless in my plight to find out a solution on how to stop sweating.

If you have asked yourself, “How Can I Stop Sweating”, then you should take the time to look through this website to find real solutions on how to stop sweating, so you can take back control of your life and start wearing the clothes you have not been able to wear in public due to fear of embarrassment.

Stop Armpit Sweating

How To Stop Armpit SweatingMy main issue has been uncontrollable sweaty armpits, and I have suffered with this issue for nearly the past two decades. Not realizing that there are solutions out there to help you stop sweaty armpits, and not even knowing what the word “Hyperhydrosis” meant, I just figured wearing undershirts was my only solution and that this would prevent my embarrassing sweat stains from showing. No such luck there, within about an hour or less of my work day I had already sweated through the armpits of my undershirt, and my dress shirt was already wet and looking absolutely awful. It didn’t matter how low I turned the air conditioning down, and froze everyone else in the office, I still could not figure out how to stop sweating!

It is a highly embarrassing situation to have to deal with and it didn’t matter what antiperspirant I wore, whether it be regular, double strength, 5x as strong as the others “guaranteed to keep you dry all day long!”, I just could not stop my sweaty armpits! Most over the counter antiperspirants with deodorant are not powerful or effective enough to stop sweating armpits, sure, some of them make you smell nice, but they do not stop the wetness! My suggestion would be to check out the various options available to you, try some of the less expensive ones first, see if they work for you, and if not, just look at the next most effective and more aggressive solution to help you stop sweating.

I know too well the problems that underarm sweat can cause, especially to my clothes. The photo on this page is of me at 1.30pm, having been at work for 5+ hours, there is no sign of sweat at all! I like to wear light blue shirts both at work and socially, but until recently I have not been able to do either. The mess that sweaty armpits causes to clothes, particularly light blue and similar colors is no fun at all, and it is one of those colors that when wet it really becomes noticeable. Until recently I gave up wearing light blue shirts, and anything else similar in color, and have had to throw out lots of shirts over many years because the repetitive armpit sweating had caused stains that were noticeable when dry and would not come out in the wash or at the dry cleaners.

How To Stop Sweating

I sincerely wish you all the very best of luck in finding a solution to help you stop sweating, I am confident you will find a product, treatment, surgery, or natural remedy on this website that will work for you, and stop you from being so self-conscious and help take back control of your life once and for all.

Here’s to your Sweat-Free Lifestyle!

David Novak

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